1926- Fidel Castro was born on August 13.

Access in El Colegio De Belen, a Jesuit school in Havana.

1947- Fidel Castro joined the Partido Ortodoxo created by Eduardo Chibas.

1951- Eduardo Chibas suicide.

1953- Fidel Castro led Cuban fighters on the attack on the Moncada Barracks.

1953- Fidel Castro got owned and got sent to prison.

1955- Castro was released from prison and he visited Mexico to meet Che Guevara.

1956- A Guerilla War against the government of Cuba.

1958- Batista the leader of Cuba launched Operation Verano.

1959- Batista lost and fled to the Dominican Republic.

1959, January 8- Fidel Castro marched to Havana with victory in their hands. Castro also became the new leader.

1959, February 16- Has confirmed to be the Prime Minister.

1960: Allies to the Soviet Union, they have signed several pacts.

1961, January 3: The US broke off all ties to Cuba.

1961, April 16: Fidel Castro declared Cuba to be a Communist country.

2008, February 18: Resigned and gave the powers to his brother Raul Castro.